Virtual Functional Wellness Appointments are now available

for both local & remote patients.

Don’t wait!  Our calendar books up really fast!

Hey there!  If you’re on this page, that means you’re a prospective patient interested in our help with your health.  If you’re already an existing patient and you’re looking for our online booking page, no worries, just click here to go to that page now.

What Is a Virtual Visit?

A “Virtual Visit” with Dr. West is just like any other visit except instead of taking place at the clinic, it takes place over a secure, face-to-face video conference.  If you prefer to not have the video portion, you can choose to have a phone appointment instead.

Are Virtual Visits Secure?

Absolutely. Our video-conferencing service uses the highest-grade encryption to secure the communication channels. And, they are in compliance with ALL federal patient privacy protection laws, including HIPAA.

Why Do A Virtual Visit?

  • New Patients – Treatment plans incorporate precise and efficient therapeutic nutritional supplement and herbal medicine protocols along with our proven, results-focused, trusted guidance on dietary therapy, lifestyle habits, mind-body stress reduction practices, and exercises you can do anywhere, anytime from home.
  • Active or Returning Patients – Continued focus on the treatment plan so you keep making progress on your goals.  Time to get some sage advice and encouragement from Dr. West during this unique time in history.  Continue to get recommendations for boosting the immune system, staying healthy, combating anxiety and stress, or whatever you want to discuss.

Obviously, we won’t do the acupuncture remotely but we WILL ensure your current supplements and herbs are correct.  We will give you the same proven, results-focused trusted guidance in the form of diet, meditations, and exercise that may include acupressure point prescriptions for you to implement.

So, there’s still a LOT we can do to get things going and/or keep things going on a positive track for you.

How Do I Schedule My Virtual Visit?

Click Here to be directed to our Online Scheduler and Patient Portal. 

Most follow-ups schedule the 30-minute appointments, which is the typical face-to-face time in the exam rooms, but you may choose a longer or shorter meeting based on your needs.  Sometimes you just need more talk time and that’s okay!

We will send you a separate email with a link that will begin the video chat.  There is an option to turn off the camera if you would prefer.  Please be on the lookout for that and store that email to refer to on the day of your appointment.

We’re looking forward to connecting with you and continuing your care!