Female Infertility Case

Female Infertility Case

A woman in her early 30s came to the clinic with infertility.  She and her husband have been trying to 3 years to conceive.  She brought her lab work and her husband’s sperm analysis.  The sperm analysis was normal while her DHEA and Testosterone were mildly elevated.  She had an ultrasound done to rule out PCOS, which she did not have.  Her menstruation was normal.  She was a healthy weight and worked out 3-4 times a week.  She did not want to have to take any hormone medication and wanted to conceive naturally.  She would drink fruit/veggie smoothies for 2 meals a day and did that for years.  I asked her to limit her smoothie intake to only once a day because her pulses had some weakness.  I treated her once a week for 7 weeks, using gentle electro-stimulation on her lower abdomen to reduce her androgen levels (DHEA, Testosterone) and stimulate blood circulation to the uterus.  She became pregnant on her 2nd menstrual cycle after starting treatment.



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