Whiplash Case

Whiplash Case

Man in his early 40s presented for upper back and neck (particularly along the sides of the neck) that has persisted since being involved in a fender bender 1 year prior.  During that year, he tried chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, and local pain injections.  The pain would never leave completely and would always return with the same intensity.  He decided he needed to try something different when he was struggling to hold his newborn baby for very long until the pain would wave over him.  He informed me that he is prone to flaring after any kind of therapy he got and always felt worse for days after.

Knowing how his body responds to direct treatments to his neck, I decided to use the powerful distal points to treat him.  I never went anywhere near his pain for his entire treatment plan.  He was so inflamed that the best thing for him was to avoid “spanking a crying baby.”  After 6 treatments, his pain reduced to where he no longer wore a neck brace, did not need to take any pain medication and was having more good days than bad days.  I gave him instructions on daily activities to keep his neck from constricting and certain supplement guidelines to help support his body to heal and recover.  He continued to improve and eventually, he was pain-free and maintained his healing with once a month treatments.



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